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Five Things For a Hot Summer Sunday - Issue #606

Five Things
Five Things For a Hot Summer Sunday - Issue #606
By Nico Lumma • Issue #606 • View online
The mercury climbs everywhere, summer is getting hot. When you’re reading this, I’m most likely running the Hamburg Half Marathon, hopefully with somewhat bearable temperatures in the morning.
This Friday was noteworthy. In the US the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade and at the same time the German parliament got rid of a law that dated back to the Nazi times, which made it illegal for doctors to inform about abortion, as this was seen as advertising for abortions. I really hope the US democracy is getting back on track, what we see right now is really discouraging - the American society is falling apart.
The war in Ukraine is still going on and the Russians are trying everything they can to split the Western allies - first they stopped wheat exports from the Ukraine, which will lead to famines in lots of parts of the world, now they are cutting down the gas exports, which will harm European economies, most notably Germany. We need to get into renewable energy as fast as possible and I guess more and more people will understand this as it makes as less dependent on energy imports. And we do have lots of sun at the moment…

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Enjoy Sunday!
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