Five Things

By Nico Lumma

Five Things for a nice start into October - Issue #620



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Five Things
Five Things for a nice start into October - Issue #620
By Nico Lumma • Issue #620 • View online
I’m writing this newsletter from a hotel room in Vienna. We put our four kids in the car at 4:02 this morning and went on a road trip to Vienna to drop off our oldest daughter in time for her start at the university. This feels kind of unreal, as I can still vividly remember her mother yelling at me when she was in labor with her and I was reading a book. It’s also unreal that we actually managed to leave on time, which never happens. It probably worked because everybody was essentially still asleep and thus more or less defenseless… Anyhow, our daughter decided to go to Vienna and I really envy her, as Vienna is one of my favorite places in Europe. And thank you, Google Maps for suggesting to ditch the route and take some tiny roads through the country side passing through countless villages somewhere in the South of the Czech Republic. All this talk about the mighty algorithm and then we got stuck behind a truck for two hours. Taking about perceptions, every week the war in Ukraine goes on, we see that Russia wants to look mighty and powerful, but it’s like the good old days of Potemkin again, but now it is Putin who feels mightier than he is. Russia starts to crumble and Ukraine will win. I really feel sorry for all the young men from Russia who get tossed into this war without a real chance of surving. It really makes Sting sing the line “I hope the Russians love their children too” in my head all the time. Putin doesn’t care how many people will have to suffer and die. At the end, he will lose and he will blame the West for it. Rightly so, but he started a war to fulfill his imperialistic motives and he will fail.

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