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Five Things for a rainy Sunday - Issue #619

Five Things
Five Things for a rainy Sunday - Issue #619
By Nico Lumma • Issue #619 • View online
Here in Hamburg summer is over and fall has started - we finally got some rain again. This probably won’t help people getting into a better mood as we’re facing lots of challenges right now. The war in the Ukraine is putting a real strain on Europe’s economies as we face raising costs of energy and obviously fear a possible victory by the Russians or war that lasts for a longer time. But of course I know that Ukraine will win, as good always wins over evil.
We are doing the exact opposite of business as usual and just like during the pandemic, things are possible right now that people won’t even talk about a few years ago. So actually Europe changes faster than ever before as we face the war in Ukraine and the climate crisis. And I do like change - I just hope people will understand that working together in Europe and supporting Ukraine and tackling the climate crisis is a great response to all the hardships we’re facing at the moment - together we can make so much possible.
And when it rains you just need proper attire. Easy. Or as we say in Hamburg: I’m from Hamburg, not from sugar. Doesn’t translate that well, but I guess you get the idea. Also, I unexpectetly found really good hummus here in Hamburg and that keeps the sun shining in my heart.

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Enjoy Sunday!
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