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Five Things for a warm fall Sunday - Issue #624

Five Things
Five Things for a warm fall Sunday - Issue #624
By Nico Lumma • Issue #624 • View online
This Friday I sat outside at a restaurant with my best friend. During the last week of October. We just had such a warm week, way too warm for fall. And grocery stores had been offering christmas candy since late August. What’s up with that anyways? Do we really need to stack up so far in advance? By the time christmas comes around, I seriously had way too much christmas candy and christmas cookies, I’m always looking forward to Easter candy becoming available in early February. Anyhow, it’s too warm here in Northern Germany at the moment, but due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, we’re switching to alternative sources of energy faster than anyone expected and we’re also very committed to save more energy. Will this be enough to stop climate change? I don’t know, but if we can change quickly, and other countries follow fast enough, I hope we have a chance to keep our planet from getting too warm. But what do I know? I’m just a guy who wants crisp cold mornings in the fall and likes snow in the winter, like in the good old days when nobody was too concerned about pollution and energy consumption. We owe this to our kids and the next generations to move faster in saving this planet. On a side note, I do enjoy it that it is a tad bit warmer in the summer in Northern Germany, also I understand that this makes other places in the world uninhabitable.
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Enjoy Sunday!
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