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Five Things for an amazing summer Sunday - Issue #608

Five Things
Five Things for an amazing summer Sunday - Issue #608
By Nico Lumma • Issue #608 • View online
So this last week was interesting with some personal ups and downs. On Tuesday I got my fourth COVID-19 vaccination and our two youngest kids, affectionately known as K3 and K4, got their third shots. Yeah. Wednesday was the last day of school and the beginning of summer. Yeah! And on Friday we found out that K4 (7) got COVID-19. Hrmpf. But she’s doing fine, just sitting in a room all by herself reading, crafting and endlessly watching some stuff on the iPad while munching on some snacks she just ordered from her parents. I on the other hand had to practice lots of self-restraint as I conveniently forgot about the vaccination and got new running shoes and then the doctor told me I shouldn’t do any sports before Monday. I went running yesterday, just a short loop. Great shoes, will take them on a longer loop on Sunday Morning. Also, I bought K3 (10) her first running shoes as she’ll be doing track & field summer camp next week.
Aside from that: great news from London as Boris Johnson finally stepped back as head of the Tories and hopefully will be out of office soon. I just wish we could turn back time as I hate having Britain outside of Europe.
Without further ado, here are five articles I enjoyed reading and that probably made me a tiny bit smarter.

Climate change: In a drying world can humans learn to adapt?
'We are killing people': How technology has made your car 'a candy store of distraction'
Microplastics detected in meat, milk and blood of farm animals
FIFA will track players’ bodies using AI to make offside calls at 2022 World Cup
Enjoy Sunday!
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