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Five Things from an almost Empty-Nester - Issue #621

Five Things
Five Things from an almost Empty-Nester - Issue #621
By Nico Lumma • Issue #621 • View online
Last weekend we dropped off our oldest daughter in Vienna to start her studies at Vienna University. After having a wonderful Schnitzel and helping her move in, we drove back. And now our apartment seems to be really empty, even though we have three more kids that want our attention. But it feels really weird to have the oldest kid out of the house. Our youngest is 7 years old, so I’ll still have some time until we turn into real empty nesters.
What’s really hard to grasp for me is the situation in Iran right now. I hope the protesters will get even more support and eventually overrun the police and turnover the system. What I don’t understand is the lack of support from the West, we are awfully silent at the moment. Some even argue that a regime change would lead to too many uncertainties and therefore think it is better to keep it that way. I disagree. I think it is time the people in Iran get their freedom and change the status of Iran in the world. We have too many evil states at the moment, we all need some positive development. Just imagine what this would mean for the whole region, when Iran would no longer want to nuke Israel, when the economic sanctions would be lifted and the whole economy could strive again.

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