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Five Things - Have a great 2022!

Five Things
Five Things - Have a great 2022!
By Nico Lumma • Issue #581 • View online
So far 2022 hasn’t been that bad, hasn’t it? Let’s make this a great year! I’m optimistic that we’ll see lots of positive change this year and in the next few years. We have neglecting the obvious signs for too long and now we need change quickly to prevent our democratic societies to fall apart, to prevent climate change and to build a better future for our kids.
But now read these five things!

A Lavish Tax Dodge for the Ultrawealthy Is Easily Multiplied
The story of the fight to archive the internet
Dinner is served: How your food will transform in the next 20 years
The Future of Work: Shorter Hours, Longer Careers
The Pandemic Might Have Redesigned Cities Forever
Enjoy Sunday!
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Nico Lumma

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