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Five Things: International Order, Fixing Climate, Meta, Abba, Leaf Blowers

Five Things
Five Things: International Order, Fixing Climate, Meta, Abba, Leaf Blowers
By Nico Lumma • Issue #572 • View online
As the G20 meet in Rome right now, it is important to think about the shortcomings of our current international order when it comes to fixing the climate crisis. The next few years will be very important for taking the right steps, but I think that most leaders now have understood what’s at stake. And as a technologist I sure hope that research and development in combination with entrepreneurial skills will lead to new developments that will help saving our collective butts.
I still don’t get why Facebook renamed itself to Meta - I read Snow Crash a long time ago and the concept of the Metaverse always seems totally dystopian to me. The better idea would be to fix the algorithm, but what do I know?
Anyhow, let’s listen to Abba again and hopefully tech will come up with silent eco-friendly leaf blowers soon.
Read on, my dear!

The International Order Isn’t Ready for the Climate Crisis
Zuckerberg Announces Fantasy World Where Facebook Is Not a Horrible Company
Super troupers! Abba on fame, divorce, ageing backwards – and why they’ve returned to rescue 2021
Leaf Blowers Destroy the Environment
Enjoy Sunday!
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