Five Things

By Nico Lumma

Five Things - Ukraine, Wordle, Social Media, Running, Cursing - Issue #604



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Five Things
Five Things - Ukraine, Wordle, Social Media, Running, Cursing - Issue #604
By Nico Lumma • Issue #604 • View online
Inflation is something Germany tried to avoid for decades, it had become one of the pillars of our political system. Now we experience inflation and it defines the political discourse. Also it leads to really stupid ideas, like a tax break for gasoline which results in more profits for big oil. I sure hope that we come to understand that fighting inflation means shifting to renewable energy faster than we ever thought it could be possible. And obviously it means doing everything to make sure Ukraine wins the war, which would have positive effects on the food and energy markets. Also, it would immediately improve the lives of millions of people in Ukraine.

The Ukraine War Still Holds Surprises. The Biggest May Be for Putin.
How Wordle brought us back together
How Harmful Is Social Media?
Andrea Marcolongo on How Running Fuels Her Creative Process
The Case for Mindful Cursing
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