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Five Things while Elon destroys Twitter- Issue #626

Five Things
Five Things while Elon destroys Twitter- Issue #626
By Nico Lumma • Issue #626 • View online
I’ve been on Twitter since the beginning and I’ve seen it change it a lot over this time. But the last two weeks were really something. Elon Musk is alienating advertisers and users while firing half of the workforce. I’m looking forward to new ideas on how to make money with twitter and then scraping them five minutes later. Move fast and break everything, Elon Musk is really up to something here.
And then there were the Midterms in the USA where the red wave didn’t happen. I still find it odd to have the GOP associated with the color red as this is normally the color of the left, but hey, the states do things differently and obviously have next to no leftists in politics. Anyhow, it’s interesting how the pollsters again were pretty inaccurate in figuring out how young people want to vote, although to me it’s pretty obvious that people don’t answer the phone when an unknown number calls… yet the media talked about a red wave for weeks and the journalists should have known better. The best thing about the midterms: Trump is such a loser.
Here are my five picks for this wonderful Sunday morning. I hope you like them!

Elon Musk Has No Idea What He’s Doing at Twitter
What Ukraine’s cyber defence tactics can teach other nations
Jim Harris Was Paralyzed. Then He Ate Magic Mushrooms.
Already Booming in Europe, ‘Hempcrete’ Has Finally Come to the US
Enjoy Sunday!
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