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Five Things while I'm on vacation - Issue #611

Five Things
Five Things while I'm on vacation - Issue #611
By Nico Lumma • Issue #611 • View online
It’s summer and we spontaneously decided to pack most of our kids in the car and go to the Swedish Riviera in Southern Sweden. It’s really beautiful here and the sun is shining and it’s warm, but not too hot, and on the radio they play ABBA all the time (and a horrendous commercial by German brand Carglass which they translated verbatim (at least so it seems as I don’t speak Swedish) from German into Swedish and keeping the horrendousness while doing so). Also, they have amazing blueberry yoghurt here (and countless other things with blueberry, did I tell you that I love everything blueberry, especially yoghurt?) and the sun goes up early in the morning and goes down at 9:30 pm and that feels like we’re getting a lot more day for our vacation money and I can go running early in the morning sun and when I get back the kids are still asleep and I can enjoy my morning fika (that’s filter coffee in Swedish, I know what you were thinking!) in relative silence.
As I write this newsletter, my wife and three kids play cards outside on the terrace while the sun is going down and the whole hotel gets quiet and peaceful but they have loud disputes about the rules and I hear lots of “that’s unfair!” yelling, mostly by one of the kids. And since we’re the only Germans at the hotel, tomorrow everybody will point at us saying: “look, there are the loud Germans again!” - somehow this happens everywhere we go…
My vacation days are based around running on the trails next to the Baltic Sea, sitting around in the Sauna, thinking about nothing and looking at the Baltic Sea, hanging out in the pool with the kids, getting in the car to get ice-cream and making sure my kids stick to their strict french fries diet whenever we get some food. It’s pretty exhausting, I can tell you this much. And I haven’t had that much fika since the 80s, why is that still a thing here instead of drinking warm colored water? Anyhow, I love it here in Skåne in Southern Sweden.

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Enjoy Sunday! (I double-checked, it's Sunday.)
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