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Five Things written in isolation on the balcony - Issue #612

Five Things
Five Things written in isolation on the balcony - Issue #612
By Nico Lumma • Issue #612 • View online
So I got my fourth shot of vaccination four weeks ago and thought I was invincible. I had been at really large gatherings of people this spring, including OMR Festivial in Hamburg with 70000 people, the Hamburg Marathon and a few other events. And then we went on vacation in sparsely populated Southern Sweden and I managed to get COVID-19. Fun. So we had to cut our vacation a day short and we traveled home and I had to wear a mask for the whole ride. Fun.
Anyhow, it was a great vacation and after getting plenty of complaining by my wife that I pack too many t-shirts whenever we went on a trip (I like variety and I like to choose every morning), I completely forgot to pack any underwear this time, which also wasn’t right. Some people are just hard to please. But I now have plenty of new underwear and on our next trip I will pack too many t-shirts and too many boxers. Follow me for more travel tips!
I had to spend the last week in isolation at home, which was a lot like the last two years of home office, the only difference being that nobody came running into the bedroom talking to me while I was on a Zoom call. I have experienced the so called mild symptoms that were at first like an ugly cold, but for the last three days it is just the constant brain fog that has been bothering me as it makes it really hard to focus and concentrate.
Anyhow, I spent a lot of time aimlessly browsing through the interwebs and these are five articles I really want you to read.

The Big Business of Burying Carbon
How Siestas Might Help Europe Survive Deadly Heat Waves
Forever young, beautiful and scandal-free: The rise of South Korea's virtual influencers
From Pelotons to pets, the pandemic impulse buys we grew to hate
Welcome to Alphaland, the Disney World for Bodybuilders
Enjoy Sunday!
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