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->->-> Read this now! ->->-> Five Things - Issue #615

Five Things
->->-> Read this now! ->->-> Five Things - Issue #615
By Nico Lumma • Issue #615 • View online
This week the political debate in Germany was centered around a dancing finnish prime minister and apparently women are not allowed to have fun while in office. This mysoginist view is so absurd that I was surprised so many news outlets felt the urge to discuss this. Also we talked a lot about Winnetou, which was a really popular fictive Native American hero when I was a kid and Native Americans were still called Indians and nobody cared and now a publisher retracted a youth novel about “Young Winnetou” which was supposed to be launched alongside a new movie for kids. And now people complain about wokeness and wrongful ideas about cultural appropriation and while they are doing that they glorify movies from the 70s that were supposed to show the Wild West and good cowboys fighting alongside noble Native Americans against bad guys, but those movies were actually quiet boring, but that’s all we had back then, after the war, and the movies were filmed in Yugoslavia and the Mescalero-Apache Winnetou was played by a french actor and his sister was played by a Bavarian actress and of course she now criticizes the publisher for retracting a book that nobody would have cared about if it hadn’t been retracted. But I’m glad we heard what a women in her 80s and long-time backer of the conservative party had to say about this wonderful topic and some conservative backbenchers in parliament even called for a Winnetou summit with our chancellor to discuss this issue. Here’s more about Karl May and Winnetou, I read most of the books as a kid and watched all the movies and wanted to become a cowboy and even took up horseback riding and every summer we went to an outdoor arena to watch a play based on the novels of Karl May with lots of horses and stuntmen and my dad bought me some really crappy, yet expensive merchandise like a cowboy hat or a rubber axe. But then I moved on, while other people got stuck in the past. Also, the books are really long and boring as a lot of books from the late 19th century tend to be when compared to our current pop culture. Sometimes I do regret not pursuing the cowboy career path and then I watch a bunch of episodes of Cowboy Cooking on Youtube and feel better, but also a bit hungry. Yeehaw!
A war in Europe, a global food crisis and an ever increasing climate change are not as important as a dancing female prime minister and a retracted book about young Winnetou. It’s amazing how easily we get disctracted and I think that Neil Postman needs to be read again.
Sorry for this long rant, but as a German I get very emotional about Winnetou. There’s some other stuff you should read now. :)

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