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Summer is over - Five Things Issue #614

Five Things
Summer is over - Five Things Issue #614
By Nico Lumma • Issue #614 • View online
So last Thursday all off a sudden all the kids and my wife were out of the house and I remembered the beauty of home office when nobody is around and I could just work on the balcony without any distractions. We celebrated the end of summer vacation with a trip to LEGOLAND where we spent a lot of time waiting in line for rides, but also had LEGO-shaped fries. And Hot Dogs, of course. I love Denmark, it’s a wonderful place with friendly people and every time we drive up there I’m amazed how quickly we start to relax - as soon as we cross the border, we slow down, the traffic gets better and we realize again how annoying the German Autobahn is where too many people think they are on a race track.
Anyhow, this was an interesting week and I picked five articles that I enjoyed reading.

Russia’s Repeat Failures: Moscow’s New Strategy in Ukraine Is Just as Bad as the Old One
‘I don’t see justice in this war’: Russian soldier exposes rot at core of Ukraine invasion
How to Stop Robots From Becoming Racist
How Countries Use Food to Win Friends and Influence People
Enjoy Sunday!
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