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The last Five Things of May

Five Things
The last Five Things of May
By Nico Lumma • Issue #602 • View online
The war in Ukraine is still destroying too many lives and the West still is too reluctant to provide the Ukraine with everything necessary to beat the Russians. I think rebuilding Ukraine after the war will lead to a new understanding of what the West is and what kind of values we treasure. But before we get to rebuilding, we need to make sure Putin loses as fast as possible.
We live in a time where a few threats that we already knew about for a while become so apparent that really nobody can ignore them anymore. Hopefully people will understand that we need to act faster than ever to stop climate change, but also to become less dependent on Russia and China.
But hey, Germany can’t even get a speed limit put to law and the US can’t ban firearms. We need to get better.

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